Sculpting Reference

Sculpting Reference

I have discovered very little of what I describe on this website.  Almost all of the techniques detailed here are from articles by Bobby Jackson and Phil Lewis as well as the invaluable information from the Yahoo Groups 1listSculpting community.   

Print out and read the following:

Sculpting Basics by myself.  This is as brief and as succinct as I could create a guide for sculpting so as not to seem to intimidating.  It was a handout at a local gaming convention where I gave a sculpting class.

1listsculpting FAQ

“How to Sculpt Little Guys” by Bobby Jackson – This article is what got me started.

“Figure Sculpting 101” and “Figure Sculpting the Prequel” Phil Lewis – These articles are what kept me going.

Go to and join 1listSculpting at Yahoo Groups.  This is the place to be if you are serious about learning to sculpt.  Here you get answers to specific questions, upload your work for valuable critiques, and help out others who are starting to sculpt.  Awesome web community.


Also go to and explore the Sculpting and Converting Wargame Miniatures Webring.

Anatomy for the Artist by Jeno Barcsay  ISBN 0 316 90764 2   I have recently seen stacks on the discount books section in my local Barnes and Noble for $15.  This is one of my primary reference books as well as the book that I used to make my scaled anatomy references.

Modelling the Figure in Clay by Bruno Lucchesi  ISBN 0 8230 3096 2   This book is the best.  It is highly recommended by other sculptors and I concur.  This book has radically changed how I approach a figure sculpture.

Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery by Burne Hogarth   ISBN 0 8230 1587 4  If you want a way to invent and model flowing robes, boot creases, etc. short of having a reference model, this is the book to have.  I like this book a lot but I am not a big fan of his other book insofar as an anatomical reference.  Some of Mr. Hogarth’s drawings in Dynamic Figure Drawing for example are extremely stylized and not a good starting point for a sculptural reference.

Realistic Figure Drawing by Joseph Sheppard  ISBN  0 89134 374 1  This is a good basic book on anatomy and proportion.  Mr. Sheppard also has a few other titles out that are worth a look.

An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists  by W. Ellenberger and others  ISBN  0 486 20082 5  This is one of the wonderful inexpensive compilations by Dover Publications.  It is an excellent reference for Horses.  There are anatomical studies of the dog, lion, bull and others.

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