DESTL Adventure Format Template

DESTL Adventure Format Template

Description – Use a descriptive room/area name followed by short phrases of what is in the room or area.  Describe lighting and include a special sight, smell, or sound from time to time.  If the areas are keyed to a map, precede the description with a number and/or letter

Encounter (if any) – Describe any other characters, creatures, entities, constructs etc. are in the room/area.  Provide their motivation or reaction to the characters.  Include short phrases of physical description including sound and smells from time to time.  Provide stat block at end of each DESTL entry or in an overall listing after all of the entries.

Secret (if any) – Indicate location of any secret door, niche or similarly concealed space with a brief phrase describing how it can be detected.  If there is no Secret, indicate “No secret”.

Trap (if any) – Indicate location of any intentionally trapped or natural but potentially dangerous condition (rotten floor or sinkhole) with a brief phrase describing how it is triggered.  If there is no Trap, indicate “No trap.”

Loot (if any) – Describe any portable/removable items of value.  If there is no Loot, indicate “No loot.”

Notes – A final blank entry is provided for GM notes.

Example Room Description (using a number to correspond to a map)

D – 1. Unkempt Guard Quarters – Scattered pallets over old straw on a flagstone floor.  Dimly lit from dying embers of a hearth at back of room.  Smells of smoke and unwashed bodies.
E – Three goblin guards are in the room.  Two are dozing on pallets and one is sharpening his spear.  Will attack any intruders on sight but flee after the first round if they take any casualties and are outnumbered.
S – Under one of the pallets is a loose flagstone over a shallow niche containing a small emerald.
T – A small unlocked wooden chest by the hearth will fire a poisoned dart if opened.
L – Loot is armor, weapons, emerald and coins indicated
Notes: ____________________________________________________________


Followed by a stat block for the encounter

3 Goblin Mook Guards  ššš
Goblins, Toughness 3 (Leather) Spear (3/2), Bow (3/2)
STR 2, DEX 3, INT 2, WILL 1
1d6 silver coins each


Example Area Description (using a letter to correspond to a map)

D – A. Dank Bat Cave – Bad smell.  Red eyes reflect from ceiling.  Guano covered floor.
E – Bats swarm in at dawn and out at dusk or if disturbed.
S – Near back of cave under stones and guano is a slain explorer who has a silver ring.
T – Loose stones will cause collapse at back of cave.
L – Silver ring and an Alchemist could refine the bat guano into a nitrate for making gunpowder
Notes: __________________________________________________________



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