Alternate Lego Heroica–  These alternate rules add a little more flexibility for the players.  Hack and slash goodness. 

Persona, an Alternate to Alignment– Players and GMs can use Persona to guide a character’s actions and decisions.  Persona can be used to flesh out the character’s ethical code, beliefs, and desires which drive them toward a goal.

Travel Speeds– Overland travel speeds for low-tech and medieval fantasy RPGs.

Ambient Events – Add sensory encounters to the random encounters in that dungeon crawl.  Coming Soon.

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    1. adminrk Post author

      Cool, I just did not know what you guys were using. If you guys plan on using your existing characters, just send me some info on them. For each player, I will develop a special tie-in and backstory hook for their character that brings them all to the site of the adventure and gives them context and some special motivation or goal to pursue or explore.

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