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painting and modelling terrain for rpg and wargame miniatures

Prepare Encounters with Blue Dungeon Tiles

Click through the gallery below at the bottom to see the following steps:
(if you hover over the gallery image, the text shown below will appear)

A – Lay out the tiles for an encounter.  These make a tavern, inn or shop.
B – Use drafting tape, drafting dots, or clear tape to temporarily connect and hinge the tiles.
C – This shows the first and second tile hinged.
D – To make the tavern fold up to a nice stack, hinge the second and third tile on the opposite side.  (tiles shown are flipped)
E – Now, flipped back to the original side, you can see that all three tiles hinge to fold up.
F – The new Tavern element can be labelled or other information added and prepared before play.
G – The tiles hinge and can form into a “Z”.
H – The “Z” hinged tiles stack and store nicely until needed.


Free Fantasy Map Decor 2 – Strange Creatures and Spell Effects

Fantasy Decor 2 – “Strange Creatures and Spell Effects”  is a collection of black and white map accessories at 1″=5′ scale for your battlemaps, map tiles and Blue Dungeon Tiles (now on Kickstarter).

Though the collection is for spell effects, they are generic in nature and can be useful for Fantasy, Steampunk, Modern, Science Fiction, Future and Post Apocalyptic game genres.

Print out on cardstock and cut out. The items can be temporarily affixed to your tiles or map with sticky tack and be repositioned as necessary.  There is a page with gray background but if you do not like that, there is also a page with the gray background removed.

The image at the bottom of this post is a lower quality gif version of the pdf. Please use the “Download” button below to get the pdf.