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Blue Dungeon Tile Proofs Ordered

I have sent off the set up print sheets for all 30 designs to the printer to have proofs made.  I will post pictures when they proofs arrive.

Below is a sampling of what the set up sheets look like that the printer receives.  The images are black because the printer selects the final pantone color to use for the image.  This allows me to have a better chance of getting a color match when I do reprints.  The borders are thickened to account for the 1/8″ bleed around each tile.  The true edges of the tile are indicated by the crop lines at each corner.  Trademark and copyright information has been added to be as small as possible but still be legible and is on the “back” of the tile.  It sticks out when seen in black but is much less prominent when printed blue.

C:UserschenevertDropboxMarkerDungeonTilesMarkerDungeontiles 05102014 Model (1)


C:UserschenevertDropboxMarkerDungeonTilesMarkerDungeontiles 05102014 Model (1)