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Blue Dungeon Tiles are wet erase & dry erase, double sided, map tiles with a 1” grid for tabletop wargames and role playing games.

Prepare Encounters with Blue Dungeon Tiles

Click through the gallery below at the bottom to see the following steps:
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A – Lay out the tiles for an encounter.  These make a tavern, inn or shop.
B – Use drafting tape, drafting dots, or clear tape to temporarily connect and hinge the tiles.
C – This shows the first and second tile hinged.
D – To make the tavern fold up to a nice stack, hinge the second and third tile on the opposite side.  (tiles shown are flipped)
E – Now, flipped back to the original side, you can see that all three tiles hinge to fold up.
F – The new Tavern element can be labelled or other information added and prepared before play.
G – The tiles hinge and can form into a “Z”.
H – The “Z” hinged tiles stack and store nicely until needed.


Blue Dungeon Tiles Shipping and Available at GenCon

BDT-T-ShirtBlue Dungeon Tiles are shipping to Kickstarter Backers in waves starting 8/8/2014 and will probably continue until mid September.

I will be at GenCon 8/15 through 8/17 where I will be promoting Blue Dungeon Tiles and giving out lots of swag like dice, decor cards and sample sets of tiles.  If you are there, look for me.  I will be wearing a Blue Dungeon Tiles t-shirt.

My wife is in charge of packing so it will continue in my absence.

On the “Blue Dungeon Tiles” page of this site, I have set up a cart system so that tile sets can be purchased with a credit card via Paypal.  It is now up and running for orders within the U.S.  Online orders will be shipped after backer rewards have been shipped in mid September.  After that point, online orders be shipped within 1 week of purchase.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and generous support.

Blue Dungeon Tile Proofs Ordered

I have sent off the set up print sheets for all 30 designs to the printer to have proofs made.  I will post pictures when they proofs arrive.

Below is a sampling of what the set up sheets look like that the printer receives.  The images are black because the printer selects the final pantone color to use for the image.  This allows me to have a better chance of getting a color match when I do reprints.  The borders are thickened to account for the 1/8″ bleed around each tile.  The true edges of the tile are indicated by the crop lines at each corner.  Trademark and copyright information has been added to be as small as possible but still be legible and is on the “back” of the tile.  It sticks out when seen in black but is much less prominent when printed blue.

C:UserschenevertDropboxMarkerDungeonTilesMarkerDungeontiles 05102014 Model (1)


C:UserschenevertDropboxMarkerDungeonTilesMarkerDungeontiles 05102014 Model (1)