Decor and Tokens

Fantasy Decor, Tech Decor and Creature Counters/Tokens came as lagniappe rewards for backers of the Blue Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter.  They are printed on 4×6 cardstock and scaled to be used with 1″ = 5′-0″ scale battlemats, battlemaps and Blue Dungeon Tiles.  You can download the pdfs and print them yourself on cardstock if you need more or did not get in on the preprinted ones.  All of the files can be found on the Downloads page.  This page is about…

What you can do with your Decor and Tokens

Cut them out.  Most can be cut out with scissors but some may need a little more detail work with a razor knife like an X-acto.  Be careful and use a cutting mat.  I recommend leaving a little of the gray background around the edges of the items.

Laminate and then cut them out.  This will make them more durable and allow you to mark on them with your markers.  An inexpensive thermal laminator can be purchased for under $30.  You will love it, I promise.

tackdecor1-450Decorate!  The Decor can be temporarily affixed to your map/mat/tiles with temporary poster adhesive and goes by different names llike Sticky Tack, Tac, Fun-Tak and Blu Tack.


Make “pogs” of the Creature Counters.  I purchased a 1″ diameter circle cutter (the Round ‘n Round Squeeze Punch, Medium by Fiskars) and some clear 1″ diameter “epoxy stickers for bottle cap pendants”.  After cutting out the creatures, I applied the clear sticker over the token.  The final “pog” tokens are more substantial, durable and attractive.

Store and organize your Decor and Tokens in a zip lock baggy or in a plastic craft box with small compartments.

Use them as a guide to draw your own symbols on your maps if you want to save the original printed cards.

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