Care and Use

Care and Cleaning

Like the marker boards you have at school and work, your Blue Dungeon Tiles will occasionally get stained by your markers, especially green markers.  The simplest way to remove the stain is with a paper towel or soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.  A quick spray of Dry Erase cleaner and a wipe will also do the trick.  Dry Erase cleaner can be found in most department stores and office supply.

Do not use a rough or abrasive cleaner or cloth.

Do not wet the edges of the tiles.  The tiles are laminated cardstock with exposed edges.  Moisture will wick up under the plastic layer and make the tile delaminate.

Permanent Marker can be removed with rubbing alcohol also or by scribbling over it with a dry-erase marker then wiping with a dry paper towel. Repeat as necessary but I have not ever had to do it more than twice.

Storing and Organizing



Blue Dungeon Tiles come in two sized 4″x4″ and 4″x6″. Both of these sizes fit well in pencil boxes, and organizers for 4×6 index cards. Some “coupon size” organizers also work well. Browse your local office supply store and  Search for Vaultz Pencil Box, 4×6 Index Card or Coupon Organizers, and IRIS Photo and Craft Keeper

Tips and Tricks

Tavern Encounter

Tavern Encounter

There are a number of ways Blue Dungeons Tiles can be prepared ahead of game session to help the Game Master. Elements like a ship can be prepared ahead of time by connecting the tiles with drafting tape/dots to hinge. Discreet encounters can also be prepared ahead of time by connecting tiles as shown here for a Tavern.  Allow a small gap between the connected tiles to allow for them to fold over for easy storage.

Use Decor

Use Decor

Items like the Dungeon and Tech Decor can be cut out and temporarily attached with drafting tape or stick tack. I have used sticy tack to place cut outs of the various Decor items and they have stayed in place for over a week despite being folded and moved around repeatedly.



Permanent Marker

Perm. Marker

Also remember that you can use permanent markers on the tiles to add detail that will not rub off during transport like a dry-erase mark.


Theater of the Mind

Since Blue Dungeon Tiles are abstract in nature, they lend themselves to being used with other bits and bobs you may collect and use to represent terrain and other effects. Following are a few of mine:
The plastic rings and lids from large mouth plastic milk and juice containers can represent spell effects or pools. A blue ring around a miniature could indicate a magical shield or protection spell. A red ring around a miniature could indicate some effect like stunned or bloodied. A miniature on top of a blue lid could indicate that the character is flying. Pill bottles can also be painted a matching abstract blue and used as columns to make a more three dimensional encounter and clearly determine line-of-sight and cover.

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