Inspiration and Boons – Expanded mechanic for 5e and other d20 games



for 5e or other d20 games

Inspiration and Boons are awarded by the DM to a player for good roleplaying such as playing out personality traits, giving in to drawbacks from a flaw or bond as well as actions that contribute to the story in a fun and interesting way.
A player may have no more than one Boon or Inspiration token.  The token can be given to another player.  The DM should feel free to choose the specific boon to award or may allow the players to select one blind from a bag.  Any other specific limitations or parameters are listed in Crunch.  The DM has final say on any use of a Boon.
D20InspirationYou have Advantage or can offset Disadvantage.         You must declare this before rolling on an action.Forces and fate are aiding you in your quest
BlankBlessedDraw again and select an ally to draw a token.Favor follows your fellowship.
D30Chosen OneAdvantage but with a d20 and a d30 on any Attack, Ability Check or Save.Fates grant you a chance to be great
Skull w/ lightning boltConcentrationGain +10 on your Concentration save.  Replace and redraw if this does not apply to your class.Your mind and will are strong and focused
Arrows ConvergingDeadeyeAdd +5 to an Attack roll.  This may be played after your Attack Roll.Your ancestors keep your weapon’s aim true
Lightning boltEnergizeIncrease DC +2 of a Spell or Ability.   Replace and redraw if this does not apply to your class or abilities.Your ability or spell is empowered by gods
BookEpiphanyAdd +10 to a Knowledge or Intelligence Check.You clear mind recalls and important fact
Eye w/ slit pupilEvil EyeYou are twice as likely to be targeted.  Keep token visible for DM to activate.  Another player may take Evil Eye from you but will lose a Boon they currently have, if any.Opposing forces push for your demise
SwordFierceYour Critical Range is increased by +1.  This may be played after your Attack Roll.An animal force instills in you a savage ferocity
Four leaf cloverLuckyReroll any die roll of 1 and keep the new roll.Benign spirits do not want you to fail
LeafNature’s AllyAdd +5 on nature related Ability Check or Save.  Does not apply to an Attack Roll.Natural forces are aligned with you
EyePerceptive+2 Active/ +5 on Passive Perception Check.  Keep token visible to DM to activate for a Passive Check.Your mind is sharp and alert
ShieldProtectionAs per Sanctuary spell up to 1 minute.A mystic force is protecting you
HornRallyEncouraging shout gives allies +1 on their next Attack, Ability Check or Save roll.  Allies must be able to hear you.You inspire those around you
Skull w/ starRecallRecover a 1st level cast spell.  Replace and redraw if this does not apply to your Class.An portion of your mind recalls your last spell
CrescentSecond WindRecover as if you had taken a Short Rest.Adrenaline revives and drives you onward
HeartVigorousAutomatically succeed on one Death Save.  This may be played to negate a failed roll.You find an inner strength to not fail
Two crossed swordsWhirlwindIf you drop a foe you take an extra attack with the same weapon against a foe in range.The bloodlust fills your mind



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